Erin Hogan has been a fixture on the Austin airwaves and its sports conversation since 1996. With his raw and insightful commentary, unbiased perspective, and conversational approach, Erin has become one of the most respected and listened to sports voices in the Capital City.

Erin (E) has been an avid sports fan and observer from an incredibly young age. Born in the mean streets of Akron, Ohio and raised on a steady diet of Ohio football passion – including the Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in near-bye Canton. In 1980 (age 8) The Hogan family packed up and moved south to Houston – where Erin immersed him-self in all things Houston sports. By age 12, he had already set his sights on a career as a sports talk show host. In 1991, Erin moved to Austin to attend St Edwards University, where he received a degree in Media Communications in 1995.

Right out of college Erin began work at Sports Fan 1490 AM in Austin, where he remained and cut his radio teeth for the next 4 years.

Erin’s commitment to the sports radio industry eventually led him to a full-time job at 1300 The Zone. In 1999, Erin began an incredibly successful 10 year run as a co-host with Bucky Godbolt on "Buck on Sports.”

In January of 2008, Erin left “The Zone” to become the Program Director of 104.9 the Horn – Austin’s 1stFM Sports talk station. Over the past 4 years the Horn has become far and away the top sports radio station in Austin.

Erin is married with 3 kids. Erin enjoys playing golf and hanging at Doc’s with a Bud Light.

 Sean Adams is a former NCAA All-American athlete who turned his love for sports into a life in sports. His first book, Sports for Life: Daily Sports Themes for Life Success, was published in 2006. His second book, It’s Okay to Be Crazy, was published in 2010.

Adams has been a sportswriter for the last 12 years, covering Atlantic Coast Conference football, the Big 12, Pac 12 and the nation. For the last eight years, he has covered the Texas Longhorns and college football. In 2012 he started covering the University of Texas for's He has editorial and football specific articles published for readership around the country and has been a guest on the NFL network’s College Football Now and the Longhorn Network.

He travels around the country to speak to athletes, parents, sales teams, and corporations and has become an authority in understanding and stimulating potential in athletics and life. Adams encourages individuals of all ages to, “find themselves and be who they potentially are,” using sports, humor and life’s little issues as the medium for that communication.

Sean has a business undergraduate de­gree, an MBA and post graduate studies in Public Relations and the Humanities. He is married with 2 kids.


A baby boy was born on Ramstein Air Base in 1988, where his parents had been stationed to help aid the infamous Polish Strikes in the neighboring People’s Republic of Poland. The parents instantly noticed their baby was an over-achiever, mastering the art of crawling only 3 hours after birth, and extremely curious. As fate would have it, the unique combination of such attributes and a shortage of head scarfs for Polish workers, led the baby to an open box of babushkas in the hospital, to which he entered, fell asleep, and was transported to an outgoing supply plane headed for Warsaw. Unfortunately, the pilot missed his drop zone, dropping the child inside a gypsies’ bazaar on the outskirts of Warsaw. The gypsies took him in as their own, as they take most things, and named him Tyler.  Tyler instantly took a liking to an old transistor radio he found and listened to nothing but Polish Sports talk. He knew it was his true calling in life and at the age of 21, hitched hiked his way to the coast of Portugal, snuck onto a boat headed for Austin, Texas. Everyone he met on his travels had told him it was the best-kept secret in the world, which he found odd, seeing as everyone knew about it. Upon his arrival, he found a job at Doc’s Motorworks on South Congress. There he met a man named Erin Hogan, who Tyler discovered worked for a sports radio station. Using his gypsy skills of manipulation, Tyler finagled a job at 104.9 the HORN, where Tyler quickly rose to the role of producer and show host. You can find him behind the glass from 3-7pm where he produces “The Big Show” and on-air Saturday mornings as the co-host of “Schwartz and Coe”. Tyler was never reunited with his parents.




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